Rob’s Totally Awesome Guitar Teaching Handbook

This is my guide to being a successful guitar teacher. I’ve poured all my passion and experience into this manual. I think you’ll find it worth the price of an obstructed-view Stones ticket.

The book is half business, and half teaching.

The first half of the Handbook shows the path I took from unemployed musician to guitar teaching guru with a 5-year waiting list. I cover super-easy ways to distinguish your business from your competition, techniques for attracting a flood of new students, and a $25 coupon for the Betty Ford Clinic in case all that success goes to your head.

The other half of the book is about excellent teaching methods. The real satisfaction I get out of teaching isn’t the money. It’s the pleasure of seeing my students thrive, and this section will show you the way, saving you hours of fumbling and guessing. Included is a complete lesson plan for day one, and a formula I use for planning almost all my lessons.

Teaching guitar is my dream job.  This handbook can make it your dream job too.

What Other Teachers are Saying:

Bruce Kaechele Six Open Strings Guitar Lessons

The only reason I am teaching regularly is because of your book.  I read it cover to cover. I immediately connected with your story and your writing style. Best $30 I've ever spent.

Tommy Bryant Guitar Teacher

I read your eBook back in 2010 and it changed my world tremendously. I started teaching in 2009 but with little success. After reading your book I was able to get up to 35 regular students a week by 2012!  I recommend it to everyone I know who wants to teach.

Jim Bowley Guitar Instructor in Bel Air, MD

Thanks much for putting great work out there and for spreading the guitar gospel the way it ought to be spread - with passion, attention to detail and a sense of humor

Jared Priest Kalamazoo Guitar Lessons

Rob’s teaching book is a must read for those just starting out in this business. I refer to this book time and time again.



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