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Hi, I'm Rob.

If you're a music teacher, I'd like to help you inspire your students and grow your business.

I'm a guitar teacher in Seattle, WA, and I founded Heartwood Guitar Instruction in 2003.  My book, Rob's Totally Awesome Guitar Teaching Handbook, has helped countless music teachers.

Teaching music has been the Greatest Gig I've ever had--it's been fun, immensely satisfying, and has supported my wife and three little boys.  I started this website to help your music teaching career thrive too.

I want to help you...

Teach Better

How do we inspire music students to practice hard and strive for excellence?  How do we make it fun?  I'm fascinated by these questions.

Earn More

When I first started teaching guitar in 2003, I charged $40/hour and barely got by.  I now charge $165/hour.  I'd love to pass on what I've learned about building my business.


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