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Take the emotion and guesswork out of choosing your rate.

When we're stuck with a business decision, most of us imitate other music teachers or just go with our gut.  That's how I chose my $40/hour rate when I started teaching in 2003.

Eventually, I learned the true value of my guitar and voice lessons.  

Now I charge $165/hour.  With a waiting list.

Curious what your lessons are actually worth?  My tool asks a few simple questions, then spits out an accurate recommended hourly rate.

Info along the way will teach you how to level up your teaching business and bump that rate higher.

It's fun to tweak your data to see how it affects your income.  Just enter your info below to get instant access.

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My name's Rob Hampton.  I'm a guitar teacher in Seattle, WA, the author of Rob's Totally Awesome Guitar Teaching Handbook, and the owner of Heartwood Guitar Instruction.

Since 2009, I've been helping other music teachers inspire their students and grow their business.