The Secret to Great Student Concerts
that inspire your students and grow your business
Video 2 of a Free 3-Video Mini-Course
Previous Lesson
Video 1: My Discovery
What You'll Learn
1.  Who this course is for
2.  An overview of the whole course
3.  My discovery
4.  How I became a music teacher
5.  The evolution of my concerts
Today's Lesson
Video 2: Helping Beginners
What You'll Learn
1. Have beginners play "easy" songs
2. Let them choose songs they love
3. Capitalize on their strengths
4. Ease them in with low-pressure performances
5. Have them accompany more skilled musicians
Coming Soon
Video 3: Marketing
What You'll Learn
1. 3 ways student concerts make money
2. How to turn audiences into students
3. How to use video to get students
4. What makes for great concert footage
5. Shameless hype about my premium course
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Sam Blake
5 years ago

Great Rob!! Takes me back to the good old Friday Live Show days. I love the story of Emma, where you gave a lot of detail I didn’t know from your book and show. You’ve mentioned John a couple of times too, and I know exactly the kind of studentw you mean. He seems to be getting on great, especially if he’s nailed a Bm barre chord. Very inspiring, thank you very much. Your whole outlook and method resonates with me so much The videos are really well done too.

Carrie Barnard
5 years ago

Hi Rob. Thanks for sharing this mini course! You’re right, my mind is filled with all kinds of ideas right now. And it helps to narrow things down to one small goal. I’m a piano teacher in a small town in Michigan. My goal is to get my students playing some mini-concerts this fall…just in small groups of students for starters and definitely playing songs that they like!

5 years ago

I have a country-themed recital coming up next month. We are going to be on an outdoor stage on a horse ranch, so I encouraged all of my students to learn a country song. I’ve been trying different themed recitals this year for the first time, and it has been a big hit. I did movie songs in a movie theater last time. I mostly teach piano, some voice, band instruments and cello, too. So… my one change I’m going to make is to ask some awesome musician friends of mine who are also teachers to be a house band… Read more »

5 years ago

Hey Rob. Great work on these videos. I’m going to try to get some friends of mine to play along with students at our next performance. Something simple like maybe a bass and/or guitar player to join the piano students.