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My FREE 2-minute Rate Calculator for Music Teachers

Fun fact: The ancient Romans believed you could predict the future by examining the entrails of sacrificed animals.

Another fun fact: 47% of independent music teachers use this method when setting their rates.

How did you choose how much to charge your students? Did you make a thorough evaluation of the value of your offer, analyze your competition, etc.? Me neither, at least when I first started teaching. I asked my buddy Charlie what he charged.  Good enough!

Except is was way too low.

I've got a better way now: A 2-minute tool that spits out a recommended hourly rate.


  • Compared to sheep liver, this tool is a major upgrade. Still, treat your result as a ballpark figure.
  • Many of the questions are self-evaluations. The better you know yourself, the more accurate the tool.
  • If you're considering raising your rates after using this tool (wonderful!), I strongly suggest you first check out my Friday Live Show broadcasts on the subject, Part 1 and Part 2.