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Leticia Davies
5 years ago

This is something I’ve found that is really effective in boosting confidence and trust between teacher and student. Thank you so much for doing this!

Aaron Wolf
5 years ago

“Please let me know what you thought this tip” missing the “of” The idea is good. The important point is to focus on what is going well in order to preserve and enhance it. But just vague things like “good job” are useless or worse. All feedback, compliments included, should be meaningful. For most cases, the best is actually to avoid both criticism and complements. Just get students to succeed by focusing on each thing they do right, giving them just the feedback of “that’s right” or less. Check out Beginning teachers spend too much time saying meaningless positive… Read more »

rick klaras
5 years ago

Great tip! Thanks!

Neal Faul
5 years ago

Thanks, Rob. That was good advice. It is literally the only way that I have found through which I can offer constructive criticism to my students.

Sandwich theory: Complement | Criticism | Complement.