Songbook Fundraiser - The Greatest Gig

I just sent you an email with a download link.

Hey, if you dig the songbook, please consider joining me in supporting two very worthy causes helping families who are having a very

Crappy Christmas.
(And if you donated already, thank you!  You rock!)
All proceeds will be split 50/50 between these two organizations.

Seattle Children's Hospital's Uncompensated Care Fund

This fund covered our oldest son's medical care when, as a toddler in 2013, he dined on a Christmas light bulb.

Your donation helps other families cover bills they can't afford when their kids get sick or pull stunts like our culinarily-challenged son.

RAICES Families Together Fund 

The U.S. government's policy of separating migrant families does incredible harm to innocent children.

RAICES works to prevent separation of children and their parents at the U.S. southern border.