The Secret to Great Student Concerts
that inspire your students and grow your business
Video 3 of a Free 3-Video Mini-Course
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Video 1: My Discovery
What You'll Learn
1.  Who this course is for
2.  An overview of the whole course
3.  My discovery
4.  How I became a music teacher
5.  The evolution of my concerts
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Video 2: Helping Beginners
What You'll Learn
1. Have beginners play "easy" songs
2. Let them choose songs they love
3. Capitalize on their strengths
4. Ease them in with low-pressure performances
5. Have them accompany more skilled musicians
Today's Lesson
Video 3: Marketing
What You'll Learn
1. 3 ways student concerts make money
2. How to turn audiences into students
3. How to use video to get students
4. What makes for great concert footage
5. Shameless hype about my premium course
After 1.5 years of development, Totally Awesome Recitals is ​clear for takeoff on Wednesday, July 18.  Check it out!