TAR Sales Video Feedback - The Greatest Gig

Thanks for your help with my video!

Where it's gonna go

At the top of the sales page for my upcoming online course, Totally Awesome Recitals.

What it's supposed to do

Get people excited about the course enough to scroll down the sales page, learn more about what the course can do for them, and sign up.

Who it's for

Independent music teachers who want to grow their businesses and teach with excellence.  Almost all of them will have first taken a high-quality free mini-course (three videos over the course of a week) teaching them how to offer great recitals, so I've already grabbed their attention and (hopefully) been really helpful.

How you can help me

General reactions are super helpful, plus answers to any of these questions:

* Do you understand what problems the course can solve?
* Does it make you excited to learn more about it?
* Is it paced well?  Does it ever drag?
* Are you left thinking, "Yeah, but..."?  But what?
* You know my vibe--friendly, helpful, positive, encouraging, warm, smart, handsome, pathetically un-funny--does the video capture my vibe?

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Lorraine Ansell
Lorraine Ansell
6 years ago

Love it Rob. Confidence is very hard to build, even in some students who are outstandingly good at what they do. If I was still teaching guitar, i would totally sign up for this. I’m sure you will get great feedback.

David Louth
6 years ago

Rob, the video is great!

Does the course address challenges related to areas with small populations? If so, you might mention that in your pitch. Just a thought.

Keep up the great work!

Rebekah Trevelise
6 years ago

Hi Rob! Great video (though I though it wasn’t going to play at first – took a couple of minutes to get it going – maybe user error on my end?)! I totally want to revolutionize my recitals, but feel “trapped” in my house. I teach a lot of piano students, as well as group piano, so moving to a different venue (2 grand pianos + 6 – 8 digital pianos) would be impossible. I’m so cramped for space right now in my house, but dream of having my piano students play “with a band” during recitals. I love all… Read more »

Donna Zitzelberger
6 years ago

Hi Rob – this is fabulous! You come across as genuine and sincerely wanting to help teachers succeed. It’s clear you’ve got your priorities straight. The students’ success comes first, and the teacher’s success will follow. It’s very clear that the goal is to create an environment that is safe when a student first steps out on that stage. And you hone right into what makes that work: entertaining the audience. You also come across as positive, enthusiastic, and filled with joy about working with music students. I got no slick, salesy vibe at all. If I was just starting… Read more »

David S Bradley
David S Bradley
6 years ago

Your subject/delivery is excellent. I would suggest more cutaways to break it up. Different camera angles of you too. One more thing, titles that show your points as you sat them.

6 years ago

I agree with David… I loved the audience and student shots and would like to see a few more of them – the cut to the audience reaction was very powerful – an engaged audience enjoying themselves… A video suggestion is to not use jump cuts when you are talking, but wipes or quick dissolves. The jump cuts seem to “jar” my focus and the flow of your delivery (“what happened, why the abrupt jump”)? I agree with David’s suggestion of having a second angle of you when you are talking… I really like what you have done with this… Read more »

Ry Naylor
6 years ago

Hi Rob. This is really great. I think it will certainly get people interested in your course (are you using Teachable? Looks like it. I’m signed up with them, hoping to bring some theory courses online soon). If anything it feels maybe a little too long for a course sales page introduction, but I’m not sure where you’d trim it down. Helpful feedback I know! Good luck with the course launch.

Angie Stevens
6 years ago

Excellent video, Rob! I think it captures your vibe well and inspires me to want to provide our students with fulfilling performance opportunities. I would cut as soon as possible to your recital footage under your continuing narration. It’s captivating and inspiring (not that you talking to the camera isn’t! 😉 ), and I think you will want to lead with inspiration instead of saving it. Good luck with your production!

Bruce Kaechele
6 years ago

Hi Rob – really like the vibe of the video – fits your brand perfectly. It could go live as is and be great. But since you asked… First, I agree with other commenters on the power of the b-roll of audience and performers – a little more of that couldn’t hurt. A couple additional ideas: 1. at around 1:15 you mention “step-by-step” process – maybe show what that looks like (if you have some sort of PDF as part of the course perhaps show some of the pages of it); 2. include some “social proof” – show testimonial quotes… Read more »

6 years ago

Rob, video looks great. Your presentation is very nice, very relaxed and friendly. I don’t currently do recitals with my students, but would definitely consider it.

Sam Blake
6 years ago

Hey Rob, The video looks great. It definitely captures your vibe. It’s really well done. I’d probably agree with some of the other comments – more text on the screen, different shots of yourself etc. That’s only if I had to change anything. I did wonder if it could be slightly shorter. Not that I switched off but I do know what it’s like flicking through YouTube and Facebook etc. and how little time people spend looking at things. I could be completely wrong here as it’s still under 5 mins. The main thing is it captures your vibe –… Read more »