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My FREE 2-minute Rate Calculator for Music Teachers

Fun fact: The ancient Romans believed you could predict the future by examining the entrails of sacrificed animals. Another fun fact: 47% of independent music teachers use this method when setting their rates. How did you choose how much to charge your students? Did you make a thorough evaluation of the value of your offer, analyze your […]

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How to Teach a Kid Guitar and Stay Out of Rehab

Check out my Facebook Live demo of this technique. I guess I’m a masochist. Since 2003, I’ve become famous in Seattle for what would be many people’s worst nightmare: Teaching kids aged 4-7 to play guitar. Perhaps in my retirement I’ll expand my legacy by choreographing goldfish. I never planned on specializing in teaching young kids.  I’d […]

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5 Ways to Get Shy Music Students on Stage

For every student musician who craves the electricity of the stage, there are several who treat the microphone like a cattle prod. Considering how many times I’ve had my lips zapped by a poorly grounded mic, maybe they’re the wise ones. But seriously, most students would be better off if they got past their fear and […]

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Thrill your young students with Musical Football

Check out my Facebook Live demonstration of this game here. I discovered my all-time favorite educational game for kids while flailing.  I claim to specialize in teaching kids, but I have never felt like a natural. Still, shoot enough bullets in oil country, and eventually, up from the ground comes-a bubblin’ crude. I struck it rich with […]

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